The Westerwood Garden Club

Heads up: a new name is being crafted!

I asked a gardening teacher once how many times a plant could be moved, to which she replied,”Until you kill it”.  Rest assured that I have killed a plant or two or three over the years. Point being that gardening is part desire, part basics, part experimentation, and, sometimes, just dumb luck (meaning the plant actually liked where it landed and you can stop moving it)!

There are a lot of beautiful and bountiful gardens in this neighborhood but few of them happened over night. Most have gone through many phases as owners have visited gardens, read, asked a boat load of questions, watched YouTube, taken classes, prowled garden shops, and sometimes, reached out to professionals (all while unintentionally killing more plants here and there).  So, if you are interested in gardening, you have to start somewhere and we invite you to drop in on the Westwood Garden Club. Our meetings will be comprised of a garden program, some libations/nibbles and a chance to talk gardening with long-time and new neighbors.  Sometimes these meetings include a tour of the host’s garden but not everyone has a garden to share - yet. They may be in the Garden Club because they want to learn, are experimenting, and gradually building their gardens, while graciously sharing in the hosting responsibilities.


On the first Sunday of the month at 5pm, we will meet at the home of our neighborhood host. We will be updating this site with information about the date, location, program and volunteer sign ups! Meeting attendees usually bring food and beverages to share

We hope you'll join us in what we think is another wonderful way to enjoy our neighborhood, connect, and establish friendships while learning how to create and celebrate our gardens! If you want to be added to the Garden Club email list, please send an email to Jill Amidon-Strickland

Happy gardening,

Carla Ashley


March 5, 2024, 5:00pm - 412 Woodlawn Ave