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WNA Google Group

- Join our private Google Group dedicated to Westerwood Residents.


- Receive timely updates via email with the subject header:


[Westerwood Neighborhood Association]


- Engage with the community as both the WNA board and individual neighbors share valuable information.

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Email list (mailchimp)

- Subscribe to our Email List for announcements on events, newsletters, and other important updates. 


- Look out for emails from with the name "WNA Info" in your inbox.


- Only WNA board members send emails through this channel, ensuring reliable and relevant information.

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Social Media Presence

- Follow us on Instagram and Facebook for an engaging online experience.

- Facebook:

@WesterwoodNeighborhood - Greensboro, NC 

- Instagram: @westerwoodneighborhood

Greensboro NC 27401 & 27403
United States
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